Kake is working towards being the first TOTALLY Green city in the world. Within 3 years it will be carbon neutral. In fact within 3 years Kake will burn no fossil fuels at all even in its motor vehicles!

Kake is a picturesque Native Village located on Kupreanoff Island in the Alexander Archipelago in southeastern Alaska. The island is 84 km long and 32 km wide with a total land area is 2,802.84 km˛.

The largest settlement on the island is Kake, on the northwestern side of the island, on the eastern side, across from the community of Petersburg. The island lies within the limits of the Tongass national Forest.

The surrounding forests are full of wild life, bears, birds, deer, fox, while the sea teams with abundant marine life from salmon fish to giant whales.

Kake is home to a Tlingit tribe, who have fished and hunted the area for generations. Kake can only be described as a paradise, but a difficult place to live because there are at present no jobs and  past events still haunt the people.


Kake had a strong vibrant economy based around fishing and timber with virtually no unemployment up until 1990, when suddenly things started to go pear shaped.

First the pulp mills at Sitka and Ketchikan closed, leaving no market for the Kake Tribal Corporation to sell its logs to.

Then the price of oil spiraled upwards, causing the price of diesel generated electricity to skyrocket and fracturing commercial operations such as the fish cold storage and processing plant and the adjoining smoke house. The impact on the cost of living has been enormous.

To make matters worse an endowment program set up to benefit the elders of the Kake Tribal Corporation turned out to be ill thought-out and advised. This opened an opportunity for a predatory lawyer to instigate a class action on behalf of a few shareholders against the Kake Tribal Corporation, which although  vigorously defended was eventually lost. The court awarded substantial damages, strangely to each share not shareholder, plus an interest rate of 6.6% pa on the outstanding amount. Even stranger is the fact that as the shares and thus shareholders who own them, own all the assets of the Kake Tribal Corporation, the court awarded damages are in fact owed by the shares to themselves and likewise the shareholders who own those shares therefore owe the debt to themselves.

In the dire economics straights Kake Tribal Corporation found itself in, it was unable to meet the court awarded damages and the same small band of shareholders cajoled by their attorney, bankrupted the Kake Tribal Corporation, but the interest kept mounting by the year. Several attempts under Chapter 11 bankruptcy  protection have failed because the Hanson Class attorney had by then placed a lien on all of the Kake Tribal Corporation’s land, in addition a deed of trust was placed over all of the Corporation's assets, meaning they  had no collateral with which to trade their way out of the mess.

This has put the Kake Tribal Corporation in a straight jacket, because without access to its land and assets it became impossible to work its way out of the debt.

With no employment, family and friends started leaving the village and the population has now declined by 65%

But all hope is not lost.  Kake Tribal Corporation has found a new partner Global NRG Ltd, who is bringing new biomass technologies and ideas to Kake, which may result in Kake Tribal Corporation finally ridding itself of the yoke around its neck and that of its shareholders.

There also plans being developed to build a 300 dome nature resort overlooking the Bay using the unique Global Dome, so that visitors are accommodated in their own isolated cabin in forest and garden surrounds.

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