Global NRG's gasifiers produce syngas from waste wood, rice husks, grass, crop stalks, straw, sawdust, coconut shells and husks, bagasse, sewerage sludge and leaves

The syngas is used to generate electricity via internal combustion engines coupled to alternators generating green electricity.

Syngas is also used for heating and for production of liquid transport fuels and chemical products. See www.nuglobalnrg.com/byproducts.html

Global NRG will install a biowaste gasification power plant in Kake to generate green electricity from forestry waste.

The generation of electricity will produce some $492,750 in profits and create 18 new jobs


Global NRG's anaerobic digester technology turns organic wastes into biogas which can be used to green generate electricity, heat buildings or after stripping out the CO2 it can be used as a transport fuel and a substitute for natural gas.

Global NRG is planning to install anaerobic digesters in Kake to turn fish waste into biogas which will be used to supply Kake residents with gas for cooking, for hot water and as a transport fuel and will be used to power the forest harvesting machinery.

Biogas is estimated to produce some $800,000 in profits a year and create some 15 new jobs.


Using Global NRG Ultra Sonic technology we will make biodiesel from Used Cooking Oil and later from lip oil extracted from kelp taken from the sea.

This will be used as a transport fuel and to supply the fishing fleet.

Biodiesel is estimated to generate $480,000 in profits and create 11 new jobs

Torrefied wood also called bio-coal

Global NRG will use its torrefaction  technologies to turn waste wood and sewerage sludge into bio-coal.  Biocoal  can replace fossil coal without any modification to coal fired power stations and like coal is hydrophobic, meaning it is unaffected by water and can be stored outside. Bio-coal has the same calorific value and friability as coal.

Most of the bio-coal will be exported to Japan.

Production of bio-coal will generate some $1,500,000 in annual profits and create 21 new jobs.