Kake Cold Store and Freezer

Kake Tribal Corporation already owns a fully equipped cold store and fish processing facility capable of processing up to 12 million lbs (5.45 million kgs) of fish each year.

Traditionally mainly salmon have been processed, but the intention is to broaden the species of fish that will be processed and to get better utilization of the freezer by also freezing crustaceans  and organic vegetables grown in our own hot houses for the local and export markets.

This operation will be carried out with a partner who has access to the Chinese markets and we intend penetrating the European and other markets. We also intend supplying direct to cruise lines, hotel and restaurant chains and super markets.

The operation will trade under the brand of Alaska Gold Seafoods LLC in which we own 51%.  The fish processing division will also feed stock to the smokehouse next door.
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