After 16 long years of struggling to make ends meet due to the repercussions of the Class Action Court case damages awarded in 1998, our members must wonder if we will ever recover or get out of this mess.

Our biggest problem has been the suffocating effect that the Liens placed over all over our land by the Hanson Class shareholders, has had on our ability to work our way out of this situation.

Sixteen years later the same small group abetted by their attorney Fred Triem are still pursuing the lien and the bankruptcy.

The effect of the lien over all of our land

The major asset of our ANCSA corporation is the 23,400 acres of land we received under the Native Settlement Act.

Because of the liens that exist over this land, we cannot use it as collateral to borrow money, or to develop new incomes and businesses. We cannot build anything on the land and we cannot harvest the timber.

This same three and their attorney keep renewing the bankruptcy even though it is obviously not getting them anywhere, nor finding a solution. If they haven't got anything out of this action for the last 16 years, what do they think it will get them in the next 16 years except possibly death from old age?

However there is a future

We have found a new partner in Global NRG Ltd, who is truly disgusted at this whole situation and is determined to try to help us get back on our feet, even if we have to do so by paying other property owners to use their land and timber as an alternative, to using our own land and timber due to the Hanson Class lien.

Our new partner has also brought with them the offer of funding, as we don't have any money. Our corporation lives from one 7i or 7j payment from Sealaska to the next and even the staff are having to work part time. They also brought to the table some fresh ideas designed to generate a diversified number of incomes and create a lot of new jobs around our forest. See Our Biomass.

What are we going to do? First of all we are going to ask all shareholders to help as we need to pull together as a team, then we are going to make a big effort to develop a new financial  foundation built around biomass and along the way we are going to see if we can help other villages to benefit from their biomass  too by using these technologies to make new products and generate new incomes. Imagine that, Kake Tribal Corporation the "basket case" being able to help other villages?