Global NRG has a technology for capturing the waste heat from the big compressors that run the cold store, using it to create hot water and cutting the energy consumption of the compressors by up to 15%.

This hot water will be coupled with the hot water from the gasifier and circulated through a series of big insulated green houses.

Fresh produce will be grown in the green houses to supply the local Kake market and the markets around villages and cities within Alaska.

However the major focus will be on growing organic vegetables, berry fruits and herbs that will be processed in the cold store using the existing freezer capacity, to produce packaged frozen vegetable and berries for export to supermarkets.

This adds an additional line of income and production to the existing cold store infra structure resulting in better utilization and economics.

The world demand for organic products is increasing each year.

At the same time the availability of fresh produce in Kake will reduce the cost of living even further and make a contribution to the health and wellbeing of the local people.

The green house project is likely to generate over $2,200,000 of income a year and create up to 60 new jobs.

KTC intends to encourage other villages to also develop fresh produce green house infra structure, supplying its excess produce to KTC for freezing and marketing.

Unlike other commercial green house operations whose major expenses involve heat and fertilizers ours are basically using free  byproduct heat and fertilizer from other projects making our green house production very cost effective.