Greening Kake


Kake is surrounded by forests of its own, other villages, the forests of Sealaska, the Federal and State governments.

The biomass from this vegetation form an ideal base for not only supplying Kake with energy, but also to export energy to other parts of Alaska, the lower 48 and to world markets.

Using biowastes from the various forests Kake will be able to generate its own electricity doing away with fossil fuels. The green electricity will be used to manufacture wood pellets, chips and shavings, sawdust for export , to run the cold storage and freezer plant and the smokehouse.

The waste heat from the gasifiers, gensets, charcoal manufacture and cold store compressors will be used to dry the biomass, heat a series of green houses and to maintain the temperatures in the anaerobic digesters that will make biogas out of fish and organic waste.

Kake may become the first green village in the world and be a first in being GHG emissions neutral.

By the time we get our biogas quality up to vehicle fuel standard we most likely will not use any fossil fuels at all.

This in itself will draw world attention onto Kake.

Exports of wild fish, organically grown vegetables in our green houses, the exports of our energies created from biomass and our green electricity will all add to the already pristine trade mark of Alaska.