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5 February 2018  Because the runway in Kake is weight limited and can't take big aircraft, we have to find a new way to get tourists in and out of Kake from the main airports. Sitka and Petersburg and just 44 and 34 miles away in a straight line which is about 35 minutes flying time by helicopter. We also want to embrace Angoon and Hobart Bay in our tourist packages and they both don't have an airport. In addition we need to do scenic flights and in winter cater for heli skiing, so we are planning to use a Bell 407 6 seater helicopter. See how it works. The novelty of flying by helicopter to get to Kake will be in itself an attraction.

We will also be able to cut the travel time from Kake to Juneau.

5 February 2018  If you haven't already seen our plans for extending tourism in Kake to increase job opportunites and revenue, please visit www.kakevillage.com  The major acivities will be centred around the airport and on the Bay with select activities in the forests. We are able to contain the numbers because we will control the flights in and the amount of accommodation available. Tourism will use many of our biomass products, produce from the green houses and electricity generated by Kwaan Power & Energy.

1 February 2018  . Superior Court exposes Fred Triem as a liar and for representing a dead person for his own financial gain. See Petersburg Pilot story.

  1 February 2018    Once again Triem has applied to the appeals court for reconsideration of its   dismissal of the appeals.  Hanson Class members should call attorney Fred Triem on (907) 772 3911 and ask him where their money is he has been holding for 17 years in defiance of court orders.

16 December 2017  VICTORY!  The Bench of the Supreme Court with the Chief Justice sitting has dismissed Fred Triems illegal appeals. What now?

21 October 2017  The survey results have been counted and are posted here. Click here to view the results.  We thank everyone who participated. There was an overwhelming majority in favor of us moving forward on every question.

11 September 2017 Some information from Global NRG about financial projections for Kuiu Kwaan Holdings  more......

30 August 2017  The Superior court has confirmed the appointment of Michael Heiser as the Hanson Class attorney and Dr Paul Fay as the new class representative. Now we can pursue Fred Triem for the missing money and other matters.

18 June 2017  Hanson Class may not exist. Triem will be forced to pay back all the fees he has taken Read more.......

24 February 2017   Court  removes Fred Triem as the Hanson Class Attorney and Clifford Tagaban as the class representative

Details of the judgement are posted here