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8th April 2015

Fellow KTC Shareholders,                             Our plan to settle the outstanding debt

We have been offered the first opportunity in 16 years to be able to finally resolve the Hanson Class action and resultant debt that has dogged our Corporation for all of these years. It will make it possible to not only settle the remaining debt from the court case, but to also rebuild our wealth and create a lot of new jobs in Kake.

This will be one of the most important decisions you will ever be asked to make with respect to your membership of Kake Tribal Corporation and its future. We hope you will give it your careful consideration, because your future and that of KTC depends on how you decide.

We have tried for all these years to find a way to finalize this matter, but with no income and no opportunity to create new businesses because of the lien on our lands and the debt, this has been impossible. We implore you therefore not to waste this opportunity for us to once again be able to revitalize our Corporation and the city of Kake.

Please carefully read the accompanying documents which set out how we can resolve this matter to the financial benefit of every shareholder in KTC and to make provisions for our future and that of our children and future generations, then please complete and submit the accompanying survey form.

If you have any questions please contact a Board Member or our office.

We need to have sufficient indication of positive support, in order to be able to take the plan to the court under the Bankruptcy Settlement plan and have the courts ratify it. Once this is done we will be able to swiftly move forward to a new life, a lower cost of living and a thriving community again.

But it is up to you, because without your support and your participation in the plan we canít move forward, so please consider the plan and make your decision carefully.

This entire plan is backed by your Board of Directors

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Robert Mills
For the Board of Directors           

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