Alaska Gold Smoke House

Located alongside the fish processing and cold store is our fully equipped smoke house capable of smoking 4,000 lbs (1,820kgs) of fish and other product a day.

Traditionally we have smoked salmon and have in years gone by won a number of prizes for our product.

We now intend to add another 2,200 lb smoker and besides fish we intend to smoke other products for the local Alaskan markets including chicken, beef, pork and duck and during summer smoked sausages for BBQ.

Besides plain smoked product we intend developing a range and variety of up-market smoked fish products that can be sold to restaurants, hotels, airline caters, cruise lines and specialty outlets.

We also intend developing a direct market to Alaskans and people who live in the lower 48 states.

www.alaskagoldseafoods.com for recipes.