This important survey is being taken to help your Board determine future actions and directions for rebuilding our Corporation and village and to finally exit the bankruptcy debt after twenty years.  As a shareholder we want your valued opinion and input on several matters so as to determine future ventures that can benefit all in the direction we take. Please read the attached explanations and instructions. We thank you for helping.


Please read through the introduction and explanations below, then click on the survey form to complete your survey and submit it electronically. You can submit your survey at any time, but the sooner the better to help us correlate the results, but no later than September 29, 2017.



Introduction and about this survey


As most of you know, our corporation has been obligated to pay debts from the bankruptcy case now for close to 20 years, all as a result of the Hanson class action brought against us by the attorney Fred Triem. Although we have paid out most of the damages awarded by the court as a result of this action, with the liens that were over our all of our lands, a Deed of Trust held by the Martin Class and no money, we have been unable to pay out the remainder of the court awarded damages. Its now time to join our people back together by joining the two classes together as one class, so there is no more a Hanson Class and Martin class amongst us.


We have been unable to borrow any money, start any new businesses or attract any partners, until Global NRG came along in 2014 and offered to help us, and to build some biomass projects that would again bring us revenue from our forests, reduce our electricity costs and make the fish processing viable again.


Global NRG, combined with your President, the attorney Michael Heiser and 5 interveners from the Hanson Class have removed Fred Triem as the class counsel. The court removed him as the Hanson Class attorney, Clifford Tagaban as the class representative and voided the liens over our lands. It has taken them three and a half years fighting in the courts to do this. Now we are asking the Martin Class to remove the Deed of Trust from a portion of the land and setting out to rebuild our Corporation and Kake, and to create jobs.


We have a few more things to tidy up and then we should be able to pay off the remaining debt from the bankruptcy case. We are however hoping some parts of the projects will be able to start shortly, Just as soon as we have the last court decision and the Deed of Trust exemptions we need.


Itís your corporation and we want all shareholders to have a say in the direction and businesses we want to build, so we need your concurrence on some aspects, hence this survey.


What follows is a short summary explaining what each project or step is about relative to the question being asked. More detail can be obtained at our website www.kaketribalcorporation.com/survey.html  or by calling or emailing our office using the contacts at the top of the survey form.


Some of the information is needed to develop parts of the plan to pay off the debt from the bankruptcy case, other parts are to help us plan for the rebuilding of KTC and our future.


Not only are we looking to create jobs and dividends for our shareholders, but also to provide a future for our most valuable asset, our children and theirs.


Our plans are to build for the future and to restore our corporation and village to some of its former wealth and productivity.


It is absolutely essential that every shareholder help by completing a survey and returning it to head office no later than September 29, 2017.

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