KTC Annual Meeting

Kake Tribal Corporation has their 2023 Shareholder Annual Meeting scheduled for Saturday, November 4th.

Please look for further announcements


It is the Mission of the Kake Tribal Corporation (“KTC”)
to serve our shareholders and their descendants
by preserving our culture, protecting our land,
​and enhancing our financial security


The Kake Dog Salmon Festival. This is an annual event that began 1994, put on by Kake Tribal Heritage Foundation. It is the only Native festival in southeast Alaska.

About KTC

Find out more about our home, our tribe and our corporation.

History and Heritage

Kake Tribal Heritage Foundation seeks to enhance and enrich the Tlingit culture and the education of our youth.

Kake Tribal Heritage Foundation relies on private contributions to make our work possible. Our generous donors help support our Emergency Medical/Funeral Fund. Shareholders of Kake Tribal Corporation, their spouses and legal decendants may be eligible for assistance. Thank you for your support!!

KTC Subsidiaries

Kwaan Wireless

Your Internet and Phone Service Provider in Kake, Alaska

Kwaan Construction

Your construction services provider in Kake, Alaska

Kake Tribal Fuel Co

Your fuel and energy services provider in Kake, Alaska

Kwaan RB Construction and Facilities Services, LLC

Government and commercial construction services.

Kwaan Consulting

Government and commercial consulting services.

Kwaan Cyber Tech
IT Sales and Professional Services
Kake Tribal Tourism

Kake tourism promotion and facilitation

Kake Tribal Corporation's Berner Bay Partners- Coeur Alaska Job Posting