Kwaan Consulting

Kwaan Consulting is an Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) owned Small Disadvantage Business (SDB) with majority ownership by Kake Tribal Corporation (KTC). and we have applied to the Small Business Administration (SBA) to be officially recognized as an ANC company via their 8A program. The Kwaan leadership team has over a century of experience demonstrating that bringing the right knowledge, experience and tools can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of government and commercial organization.


Bob Mitchem:

Our Leadership team has served many clients and programs within the federal government including:

  • Navy civilian workforce planning; Civilian Workforce Analysis Division; Manpower, Personnel, Training & Education; Navy Personnel Command
  • Workforce Shaping Program; Strategic Corporate Operations Office; Naval Air Systems Command
  • Naval Aviation Enterprise Total Force Cross Functional Team Support; U.S. Fleet Forces Command; Naval Fleet Readiness Enterprise
  • Navy Manpower, Personnel, Training and Education CIO support


Kwaan Consulting is the ideal partner to help organizations change through:

  • Strategic planning
  • Facilitating Leadership Alignment
  • Translating Strategy, Vision and Mission to executable roadmaps
  • Leading edge Organizational Digital Transformations
  • Working with Industry leaders to bring business systems, commercial cloud, data sciences, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Developing Solution/Enterprise Architectures
  • Organizational change management/cultural changes


Contracting with an ANC 8a is fast and easy – ANC 8(a) firms are eligible to receive sole source awards up to $20M. ANC 8(a) contracts are designed to aid Small Disadvantaged Business firms and allow a Program Manager the sole discretion to choose a specific contractor team for his or her tasks. ANC 8(a) contracting saves substantial work throughout the procurement cycle. All you need is a Statement of Work or Statement of Objectives and a ANC 8(a) with the expertise you need.

An Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) is any Regional Corporation, Village Corporation, Urban Corporation or Group Corporation organized under the laws of the State of Alaska in accordance with the Alaska Native Claims Act, as amended by 43 U.S.C 1601.

In addition, as defined in federal regulations, a tribally owned business (concern) means any business (concern) that is at least 51% owned by an Indian tribe. An Indian tribe is any Indian tribe, band, nation or other organized group or community of Indians, including any ANC, which is recognized as eligible for the special programs and services provided by the United States to Indians because of their status as Indians or is recognized as such by the State in which the tribe, band, nation or community resides.

Contact Information

374 Keku Rd, Kake, AK 99830

Phone (703)-282-1956